Why I started Adarshmay…

Dear friend,

Adarshmay Centre

The Adarshmay Centre at Shivaji Nagar, Govandi.

Thank you for visiting us, Adarshmay was formed by me in 2008. It was formally registered as a Guild of the Indian Scout & Guide Fellowship in January 2010.

Why another NGO?
As an active member of the Scouting and Guiding movement and later as a Indian Scout & Guide Fellowship office bearer, I was approached many times by people who had the will to study and the potential to excel in college, however the only thing holding them was lack of money…

Another aspect was that in my interactions with many young people, it was seen that the youth had gone through many organisations, they worked for them for short spans of time but did not find it interesting enough to stay or found it taking too much of their time. Both factors led me to look for ways to help the society and to keep the youth engaged.

Scouting & Guiding
Scouting was born from a desire of its founder, Lord Baden-Powell, to improve society, a goal he believed could only be achieved by improving the individuals in the society. Scouting is based on a value system. For young people this is expressed in the Promise and Law, the cornerstone of the scout method: a voluntary personal commitment (the Scout Promise) to do one’s best to adhere to an ethical code of behaviour (the Scout Law).

Honesty, trustworthiness, helping people, saving money, self-reliance are just some of the qualities that I learnt from my scouting years and they continue to serve and guide me even today! An organisation that is based on these ideals has very little scope to go wrong. The scouting fundamentals provide the rock-solid foundation and the unfailing sense of direction that an NGO needs.

Adarshmay is the product of that thought process. Its focus is on Education and Health with the activities decided via discussions in open meetings of its volunteers. Fund raising and donations become almost easy when the person is involved in planning the activity.

Our volunteers are totally committed and always looking for ways to expand their reach and touch more people.

Come and join us to see an NGO that is different.

Thoughts guiding us…
Be Kind! Everyone else you meet is fighting a tough battle too! — Anonymous

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” –Rev. Martin Luther King

Thanks and God Bless!

Ashish Pawaskar
Founder Trustee

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