ACT! Neha Sewing Classes

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Women constitute about 48% of the total population of the country.  But, in employment market, out of the 459.1 million employed population in 2004-2005, women are only about 148 million.  Even of this, only about 5 million women are in organized sector while remaining 143 million are in un-organized sector.

This story is even worse in the underprivileged areas. Women a a lot who don’t dare to dream! The young girls growing up feel that their destiny is to learn housework and get married!

Adarshmay Charitable Trust has been fighting for the last five years to change this mindset and empower the girls/ladies to see dreams beyond their current horizons. In addition to our Beautician Classes, Mehendi Classes, we are now pleased to announce that we have been donated a sewing machine, that enables us to conduct sewing classes for the ladies in our community.

In case you have an old sewing machine lying around in your house, please consider donating it.

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