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The burden of inflation, President Nixon has often said, falls heavily upon the poor, “who are largely defenseless” against price increases on the necessities of life.

Annapoorna Foodgrain Donation

Annapoorna Foodgrain Donation

To help under privileged people survive this enormous inflation, Adarshmay under its Annapoorna – Food Donation Scheme – distributes free & subsidised food grains to its beneficiaries and people in the settlements surrounding our centre.

Our aim:
To provide incentive for parents to send their children to study in our center:
* Children who attend classes regularly are given the foodgrains free of cost.
* Children who are not attending regularly are given the grains at 50% of market cost so that they have an incentive to attend regularly and also are able to get the grains a a very low price.

We want to keep this as an ongoing activity, so in case you wish to donate food grains on a regular basis, do contact us.

We donate dry foodgrains in the Joy of Giving week.

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