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Book Bank - Donate your books!

Volunteers scrutinising applications during the book bank

For the last 40 years, the Greater Mumbai Unit of the ISGF has been conducting a Book Bank at Mumbai Central.

Adarshmay Charitable Trust has approached them to expand the program in and around the Chembur area.

Our members and volunteers are always found toiling away ceaselessly, at the rather delightfully strenuous job of handling and distributing bulky sets of books on the preset days, well intimated in advance to all the students.

The main criteria selected by us is poverty/lack of proper finance for all prospective students. These attributes sadly deter several hundred students of our city from getting a proper education. So we have a wide range of students whose parents are gardeners, vegetable vendors, lower category police personnel, servants, retired casual labour mill hands, even orphans working as table cleaners in road side restaurants and other low income groups. Many belong to a single parent family – invariably a widowed mother struggling to make ends meet.

It is these students who, after having very well at the school level, approach us with a zeal to pursue a college education. Our long experience has shown that it is from these strata of society, that we get a very large number of bright toppers.

Our education system ensures that the syllabus changes atleast once in every three years in each academic class. We, on our part ensure that each time this happens, we buy a full fresh set of books to cater to the changed needs, since the existing set of books becomes rather redundant. This scenario always entails an additional expenditure of an amount in the range of Rs 65,000 to Rs 1,00,000/- practically every other year.

It is our constant struggle and endeavour to see that the additional cost enumerated above, is met through our own inter personal relationships and contacts. We do not fail in this regard and the students never go home empty-handed.

It is our fervent appeal to all our Friends, Philanthropists and Well-wishers to assist us in this humble attempt of ours to aid in imparting a decent education to the underprivileged.

Donate your books!

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