Sewing classes

ACT! Neha Sewing Classes

Women constitute about 48% of the total population of the country.  But, in employment market, out of the 459.1 million employed population in 2004-2005, women are only about 148 million.  Even of this, only about 5 million women are in organized sector while remaining 143 million are in un-organized sector. This story is even worse […]

Self Help Group Prelim meeting

Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) – बचत गट

Poor women are exceptional at saving, providing for their families and generating income. However a large part of this opportunity is wasted as there is no proper knowledge about the various Govt schemes and policies. The Govt initiative of 1992 to make the traditional and formal banks to extend financial services to deprived sections through […]

Mehendi Class

Mehendi (Henna) Application Training

Indian girls especially muslim girls love to apply Mehendi (Henna) on their hands and legs in various intricate designs during festivals and marriages. This technique is simple to learn and easy to teach. It offers any girl who can draw great designs an opportunity to earn money by applying Mehendi to other girls.

Talking to families about Health & Hygiene

Women Health & Hygiene

India is a land of extreme contrasts. While there are pockets of unimaginable wealth and prosperity due to the rapid economic growth of recent decades, these co-exist with a vast population of poor who can barely feed or clothe themselves, whether in urban slums or in villages. Women are the worst affected by lack of […]

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