How to start a My Family Biz Module?

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How to Become a Family Member

To become a Family Member (FM) you need to purchase the Family Trial Pack for Rs. 1,200 (MRP) from a Service Point.

This Family Trial Pack contains various My Family Biz products worth around Rs. 650 (MRP) a Demo Kit (with a Family Presentation Procedure manual, leave behinds), measuring cup, scoop and an application form along with a Gift Voucher of Rs. 600 @ MRP, for further trial purchase.

Now all you need to do is prepare the products of My Family Biz at home and serve to your near and dear ones and watch them certify the quality, taste and other benefits.

Fill the application form and submit it to the Service Point along with enclosures duly self attested. Your form will then be uploaded to the database and you will be allotted a Membership Identity Number (MIN). Get the same by SMS.

Now your food is ready to start earning you profit. And you are ready to spread the word of your product experience to your friends, relatives and neighbours through the Family Presentation Procedure manual.

Soon you will see your profits come pouring in!

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