What is My Family Biz?

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My Family Biz is exclusively a woman’s network that utilizes family and friends to promote the products of My Family Biz through word of mouth and product satisfaction.
This module of Consumer to Consumer, or in this case, Woman to Woman Business encourages women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

The concept behind My Family Biz is ‘Your food can earn you profit‘.

Please note, this is not a marketing module where you are compelled to sell the products.

This is your family business! So all you need to do is to promote or talk about the products to your relatives, friends and neighbours. Or better still, cook and serve them the food and the food will sell itself!

3 steps and you’re in business!

  1. Buy whatever My Family Biz products you use in your daily life.
  2. See how your own family appreciates this wide range of easy to make, yet delicious and nutritious food products.
  3. If they are satisfied then it’s time to tell others about them too.

The purchase of any of these products promoted by you then results in you getting a profit for every product sold!

What’s more, no big investment is required. You just need to buy ₹250 (MRP) (Inclusive of Taxes) worth of products every month to get your profit share and incentives.

There are no targets, however, there will be short term and long term promotions to boost your business and help you to earn more and more profit.

All My Family Biz products will be sold through conveniently located Service Points.

There will also be Media and other support to help you promote My Family Biz.

You Can Be a Family Member or a Service Point or Both

Eligibility to become a Family Member

  • Open to all Women above 18 years of age.

Eligibility to set up a Service Point

  • To set up a Service Point all you need is 100 sq. ft. of Space, a Computer, a Printer and an Internet connection. A good network of people will also be to your advantage. Minimum No. of 25 FM under their Family Tree is a must.
  • There will be Service Points close by, within Family Member’s reach.
  • Family Members can also set up a Service Point.
  • Contact us for more details.

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